• 委内瑞拉男篮公布集训队大名单

    'I didn't - I meant - sorry' he finished in a hushed voice.

  • 孙军:如今的国手身体比我们强

    Hermione's Patronus, a shining silver otter, was gambolling around her.

  • 吉尼亚克:吉鲁比我天赋高,贝尔萨是纯疯子

    Harry was a hero in the Gryffindor common room that night. Daringly, Fred and George had put an Enlargement Charm on the front cover of The Quibbler and hung it on the wall, so that Harry's giant head gazed down upon the proceedings, occasionally saying things like THE MINISTRY ARE MORONS' and 'EAT DUNG, UMBRIDGE' in a booming voice. Hermione did not find this very amusing; she said it interfered with her concentration, and she ended up going to bed early out of irritation. Harry had to admit that the poster was not quite as funny after an hour or two, especially when the talking spell had started to wear off, so that it merely shouted disconnected words like 'DUNG' and 'UMBRIDGE' at more and more frequent intervals in a progressively higher voice. In fact, it started to make his head ache and his scar began prickling uncomfortably again. To disappointed moans from the many people who were s t-ting around him, asking him to relive his interview for the umpteenth time, he announced that he too needed an early night.

  • 加比:没有什么比击败皇马夺冠更好的了

    'No, they don't,' said Harry, his jaw set and his fingers clenched tightly around the handle of his wand.

  • 勇士昨日比赛最后2分钟2次漏判

    'Bode was bewitched to remove something?' Ron said. 'But - 'Harry, that's got to be - '

  • 周鹏:大战在即要做好伤病预防

    'What?' yelled a voice nearby.

  • 唐纳鲁马:想在米兰再踢十年

    'And now Rookwood's told Voldemort how to get the weapon?'